Monday, December 07, 2009

Ayer en Parroquia San Cristóbal

This weekend Episcopalians in Louisiana and Los Angeles elected new bishops. In Los Angeles two women were elected bishop, which is very cool. One of the women elected is a partnered lesbian, to which I say "big deal!" I will be happy for the arrival of the day when we simply get the name of those elected and receive no information on their gender, race, sexuality, or shoe size.

Meanwhile, Anglican Bishops and clergy in Uganda have been supporting an anti-gay law which will result in the imprisonment and even execution of people for their sexuality. This is, of course, exactly what Jesus was talking about when he said "This is my order to you: You are to love one another just as I have loved you." The Anglican Church in Canada has spoken out against this law, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church has spoken out against this law, many different representatives of various churches have spoken out against this law. However, the Archbishop of Canterbury is supposedly "working quietly behind the scenes" in regards to this law. He has yet to say anything about this law. However, Mary Glasspool is the first lesbian woman in The Episcopal Church and the World Wide Anglican Communion to be elected to the office of the Episcopacy and His Grace warned TEC that everyone in TEC was going to bed without dinner and will be grounded for life there would be serious consequences in regard to TEC's place in the World Wide Anglican Communion if she receives the required approvals. He had this response in only 690 minutes while he has yet to say anything about the Fine Anglicans of Uganda and their support of state-sanctioned murder. I am afraid that I have lost any respect I once had for the Archbishop of Canterbury.

So, while this stuff is going on, we Episcopalians or Anglicans (we use both names here) of Parroquia San Cristóbal in the Parque Lefevre neighborhood of Panama City en la República de Panamá did what we do best: we had a celebration! We weren't celebrating any of that stuff I mentioned above, no, we celebrated Mother's Day. Mother's Day in Panamá is on December 8 (The Feast of the Immaculate Conception). Mother's Day is a big deal here; it is a national holiday and everything is closed on Mother's Day (Yay! I get Tuesday off!). It is a big deal at San Cristóbal, también. We had a single, bilingual service and then had a celebratory breakfast across the street on the patio at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal. The Youth Choir sang at the service, but the Lovely Mona and I forgot to have someone take photos (well, photos of the kids singing are on Sunday's post). Mr. José Araúz of the Seventh Day Adventist church sang a solo for the gradual. It was a nice service. After the announcements, the Men's Fellowship held a presentation for the Mother of the Year. Mrs. Teresa Brathwaite is this year's Mother of the Year. Mrs. Barbara Smith, last year's Mother of the Year, presented Teresa with a corsage. All of the men of the parish came and sang a song in honor of Teresa and all mothers. I presented her with a plaque, and she received many gifts from the different guilds and from friends and family. Her husband presented her with a lovely flower arrangement, and referred to the Men's Fellowship as "Los Caballeros de Messarounda." After the presentation, I gave the Benediction and we sang the final hymn. Then we all went across the street where we had a lovely Brunch of chickenwings, meatballs, empanaditas, cod fish cek, salad, and plenty cake. Once again, a wonderful time was had by all!

José Araúz singing

Birthday blessings

La princesa tiene 7 años

Mrs. Norma Blackman gives Mother's Day greetings to the mothers of the parish on behalf of the Hogar de Niñas de Capital along with two of the Lovely Mona's favorite niñas.

Mr. Carl Scotland of the Men's Fellowship begins the Mother of the Year presentation.

Mrs. Teresa Brathwaite accompanied by Mr. Butch Headly and Ronaldo Olton.

Mrs. Barbara Smith presents a corsage

Padre reading the inscription on the plaque

The men of the parish singing

Brittany and Lisa present a gift on behalf of the Sunday School

Teresa Brathwaite thanks everyone

Obligatory Mrs. Doyle shot

Patsy Pusey's cool outfit

The Brunch

Brittany, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Doyle, and Lisa

Head table

Ricky Staple

Food is ready!

Birthday celebration


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Harry Allagree said...

What a wonderful community you guys have, Padre! Celebration of life and love in action. The way it should be!

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