Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He's Back!

Photo nicked from Peteykins' Junk Drawer

Ages ago, when I first started Padre Mickey's Dance Party, I had a very short Blogroll. One of the links, besides OCICBW, was the marvelous blog of Princess Sparklepony, one of the funniest blogs around. The Good Princess monitored Condi Rice's hair-do so that we didn't have to. Unfortunately, the blog was closed down this year as the Princess decided she had done all she could do. But ThankGodAmighty! Peteykins, the creative genius behind Princess Sparklepony, has returned with a new blog, Peteykins' Junk Drawer, from where I nicked the photo above. Ya gotta check this blog out everyday, 'cuz it's great!

I have neglected to tend the Blogroll, so tonight we will be adding the following blogs:
My Parents Were Awesome People send in photos of their parents before they were parents. Lottsa fun!
People of Walmart Sure, the fact that I find this site funny makes me an Elitist, but, Lawdy lawdy lawdy! You're gonna find yourself checking it at least once a week.

These are important blogs as they are both Dance Party Denizens:
Lindy's Adventures In The Middle Kingdom
Newly Ordained Deacon Andy's The Catbird Seat

It's very important that everybody realize that all these blogs are required reading for All Right Thinking People!
Michael Bérubé's American Airspace
Bubs' Sprawling Ramshackle Compound

If you're one of Those Kind Of People, add them to your Reader!
Padre says, "Check 'em out!"


Matthew Hubbard said...

My Parents Were Awesome is... Awesome!

I sent them some pitchers because... My Parents Were Awesome!

Padre Mickey said...

My kids' parents were awesome, but my parents were merely cool (my mom looked like Elizabeth Taylor back then). The Lovely Mona's parents were. . . in Fresno.

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