Monday, December 21, 2009

More Gift Suggestions

Yesterday was the Fourth Sunday of Advent, and today is the Feast of St. Thomas. THE FEAST OF ST. THOMAS, PAL!!! That means Christmas is very, very, VERY CLOSE, yet some of you have yet to make purchases for your loved ones. Padre knows that it's more fun to aimlessly wander the innertoobs, as the kids say (which means surf duh web for you Older Folks), rather than go shopping. So Padre has decided to take it upon himself to suggest gifts for your loved ones, gifts that are sure to please!

This afternoon Padre says, "Howsa 'bout the gift of FIREARMS???

click on ad to embiggen

And Papa knows what he's talking about.

Come on, you want to be a real boy, right Pinocchio?

Why, YES IT IS, Inquisitive advertisement; it's about darn time I gave myself a Christmas gift.

DO NOT buy the guns which are Grinch Approved; I'm warning ya!

Is it a good idea to arm the family to the teeth with all that eggnogg around?


Matthew Hubbard said...

Daddy says it won't hurt us, but Dolly has been very, very naughty, so if I click the safety over like this...

Andy said...

More "timeless" Christmas adverts...

Padre Mickey said...

Andy, a few of those ads are already scheduled to appear in this feature. Thanks for turning me on to that site, though, as I may be able to use a couple more.

Brother David said...

I am a real boy. I do not have a rifle but I do know how to use one. I also own a number of guns, know how to use them and am an excellent marksman, but I do not like them and I resisted getting them and learning to use them until it appeared that there were finally no other options.

Guns are a fact of my life here in the War on Drugs. But they have nothing to do with Christmas, and are insulting as a gift in my thinking.

I am also deeply wounded to know that one of my life's heros, Santa, is a smoker. I knew he enjoyed the occasional meerschaum pipe, but I did not know he chain smoked cigarettes!

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