Friday, December 18, 2009

It Continues

Here comes God knows what!

Now THAT'S a mustache! And a gold lame, er, lamé jacket!


Paul (A.) said...

It's the spastic horizontal head-shake that does it for me.

wv = glume

(as in "dume and . . .?)

Padre Mickey said...

He does have a bit of a twitch, doesn't he?

susan s. said...

More than a bit, I think. I'm dizzy after the first verse.

And the jacket is not lamé, it is only satin. But he is lame.

VW=eputt Where did eputt his neck brace?

Tengrain said...

Also, what the heck is that thing he's standing in front of?

Also, Jon Waters + Wayne Newton?

The horror, the horror,



Padre Mickey said...

I'm warning everyone; it gets worse later tonight.

Capt. Bat Guano said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Padre Mickey said...

Dear Capt. Bat Guano,
Your comments are always funny and it's great to have you here, but you simply must expand your vocabulary. The Lovely Mona does not allow such language here at the Dance Party.

Harry Allagree said...

Sorry, Padre -- lame mustache, lame voice, lame suit, lame background!
Remember the old "Gong Show" -- this dude gets the gong after 5 seconds! Maybe you can use him for "Panama Idol"!

WV = pabrana = a cabana for padres!

willis said...

Needs a bigger mic, a much bigger mic, maybe a bigger mic that's not plugged in...

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Wow, just wow.

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