Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not Terrible; Funny!

I call this particular Holiday Season Song The Christmas Song From Psycho, but you may know it as The Carol Of The Bells. This is a humorous Claymation presentation of said song.

It's not en español, John Water's bastid son is not singing it, nor are Latin American Pop stars.


Jane Ellen+ said...

Very nice!

I like this version, too:

Tengrain said...


It's the California Raisins reincarnated as flagellating Bells to torture us anew!



Harry Allagree said...

Whas goin' on? I keeps hearin' bells or sumpin'!

Mary Sue said...

This was from the Claymation Holiday Special, which was videotaped once and replayed every Christmas in my house until the tape broke a couple years ago. On the same tape were "Small One", "Ziggy's Christmas Special", and "Family Dog".

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