Thursday, December 24, 2009

Stuff I Saw. . .

. . . on my way in to the office this morning.

Street fruit stand

The representante for Río Abajó has these banners up along Via España, on the Río Abajó side of the street. I find the snowman to be a bit odd, seeing as it never snows here but I guess everyone learned that Navidad is all about snow when the U.S. was here in the former Canal Zone.

Snowmen and santa! I don't know what these buildings are for; they were constructed last month but nothing's been happening with them. I guess they're just something to put Christmas decorations on.

Another fruit stand

A house on calle decima

One more fruit stand

I likes this lil' guy


susan s. said...

Nice Fruit! The pears look ready to eat!

Brother David said...

Maybe those are three new homes for the lucky winners of the Christmas Lottery!

I am making a fruit salad for tomorrow with much of that same fruit.

I see my bank over the snowman's should.

¡Feliz Nochebuena a todos!

I See You!

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