Thursday, December 17, 2009

That's Enough Layin' 'Round. . .

. . . licking your wounds. But I'll be easy on you. When we had Teenager Girls and Young Women living in the house a few years ago (Colleen, Alejandra, Yasury, Ingrid, and Casey) we heard a lot of Belinda. Now it's your turn. Enjoy it, 'cuz I'm coming back hard tomorrow.


Tengrain said...

You have a cruel streak, a very cruel streak.

I admire that.


Dick Cheney

Harry Allagree said... -- we simply cannot have this simpering, whiny, kid spoiling our Holiday Season! Be good, Padre, or I'll have to get Sarah Palin to give you a godly admonition!

WV = in "bury the Belinda video on the farthest island you can find!"

I See You!

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