Saturday, December 19, 2009

Okay Okay Okay

Okay, I've decided to stop this. My original idea was to keep these terrible videos going until Christmas Day, when I would show a great video with a marvelous song. Actually, I STILL plan to do that, but I have decided that this has become pure torture and it's time to stop. I've got some really, really, REALLY terrible stuff ready, but I'll keep it for another time.

So I'll end the War on Christmas Video Terror with this one which isn't bad; the kids can sing, the production values are much better than those of the Song Master (that's the John Watersy kinda guy), and I like the shoulder-shimmy thang our Singer does. As far as I'm concerned, the song is the Little Drummer Boy of Latin America; I've heard countless versions of this sung by tone-deaf children's choirs as I enter Almacenes and Super Mercados. Yeah, tuki tuki tuki tuki es igual que parrumpa pum pum in my book. And I realize that for some of you all the singing about burritos is only going to make you hungry, but I think you can deal with it.


susan s. said...

Oh, I like the butt shimmy! But then I would!

Matthew Hubbard said...

I fear your listening to hours of Sore Throats Specials on KFJC did damage which only now manifesting itself, kind of like Ozzy Osbourne slow descent into incoherence.

We believe you have much worse in store, and we thank you for your mercy in not airing them.

BooCat said...

Ah, the kids are so cute, who cares if they are exactly on the note?

Joe the Philosopher said...

It keeps them off the streets.

Brother David said...

That little boy is so cute in his sombrero. And he scan shimmy those hips!

Harry Allagree said...

Yesssss!!! Finally, some music that had me hoppin' around my desk! Dat lil' Latino Lawrence of Arabia esta muy encantador con los moviemientos de los hombros! Somma da udder kids needs a lil' lecciones particulares in stage presence. But tanks, Padre, for givin' dat crummy stuff a rest already!

Mary-Cauliflower said...

He's so cute I'm afraid for him. I see an instant gold record in about five years and then a string of bad marriages and tax problems and finally a stint on Dancing With the Stars trying to teach Tyne Daley the salsa. In fact, I feel a public service announcement coming on right now: "Juanito needs your help to escape from instant stardom. Write him some songs without easy hooks and save him from Entertainment Tonight. Won't you write him some better music today?"

The Cunning Runt said...

This kid is great. He totally outs himself at 1:40.

I gave it an 89. I could dance to it without laughing, but still, it made me smile. That's a really good thing, considering health care and Copenhagen and all.

Thanks for ending the torture with this Grammy winner, and if I'm not back within the week, have a splendid Christmas (or a quality Kwanzaa!)

Anonymous said...

As was taught to us in Scripture when we were

Santa Claus and His Old Lady- Cheech and Chong.

Forget the Three Wise men (research shows they only went to Nazareth Community College), forget
the straw manger (most theologians agree it was a
Howard Johnsons), THIS is the true meaning of

If Padre Mickey was REALLY the descendent of
Ja'rel and survived the destruction of his home
planet when its sun went nova, as he often claims,
he would be honest about this and download the video from Youtube to present to any Unbelievers.

Twas thus and evermore shall be.

Peace and Happiness,
A.N. Onymous, Jr.

Brother David said...

Does this little chap sing The Fishes in the River or The Bells of Bethlehem?

Leonard said...

UPCOMING ATTRACTIONS: I just showed this video to Juan Carlos (who knows the words since childhood school days) and promises to perform it for me Christmas, that´s the spirit of Christmas (we´ll have the Guatemalan version for you shortly)!

Happy everything,

Leonardo Ricardo

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