Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It Is Finished

The Hymn of the Leftovers.
Tune: Rockingham

Thank God, the turkey now is gone
The sammiches have been consumed
We now must weigh about a ton
The bathroom scale is not amused.

Refrigerator now has room
Its shelves suddenly leftover free
I now have found that bag of 'shrooms
A science project they now be

A new regime is now begun
A walk each morning I will do
All bread and processed foods now shun
Or I shall be a Tub of Goo


susan s. said...

Very clever, Padre. Did you write these words your own self?

Mary Sue said...

I'd find it a little more amusing if it didn't include the negative body talk that is endemic to this season and is a pain in the ever-loving butt for people in recovery from eating disorders to attempt to avoid.

Padre Mickey said...

Yes, I did write them, and Mary Sue, I obviously didn't think about how this could offend those in recovery from eating disorders.

So, yes, I wrote it and now I guess that I shouldn't have done so.

Saint Pat said...

hahahahahahahaha I love it. Just the title "It is finished" and the turkey pic sent me into gales of laughter.

My eating disorder is bothered by the poem, Padre.

June Butler said...

We finished off the turkey with turkey gumbo cooked by Grandpère. It was excellent.

Pfalz prophet said...

The stuffing was excellent, except spouse Johann incorporated the giblet gravy into it, rendering the combined mass a dreadful glob which did not survive the fridge.

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