Monday, December 22, 2008

Ayer En Parroquia San Cristóbal

It was another busy Sunday at San Cristóbal yesterday. We used Advent Lessons and Carols for the Liturgy of the Word at the 7:30 am English-language Eucharist. The Lovely Mona sang a solo after the fourth reading. She sang The Word Whom Earth And Sea And Sky Adore (Hymn 264). Last Sunday she performed a solo with the flute, and this Sunday she sang. She's able to do more now that school is over.

After the Peace and before the Offertory anthem, we have special blessings for birthdays, travelers, and wedding anniversaries. The month of December in Panamá is a lot like the month of June in the U.S.A.; there are lots of graduations and weddings. Yesterday we blessed four couples on the anniversary of their weddings. One couple, visiting from Chicago, were celebrating their 13th anniversary. We had two couples celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary, and Clarence and Pearl Murray, the Bishop's parents, celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary! As is his tradition, Mr. Murray provided a large shewbread for the Eucharist. It was huge! I always find it a challenge to work around and I am very thankful that Padre Cáceres is there with me at the altar so that we could work that together.

We had a quick special Vestry meeting between services, which was a bit tough for me as I have a lot to do between services, and meeting with the Vestry is not one of them! I'm usually distributing packages of food and alms like a Second-century bishop. We saw the final plans for the remodeling of the former rectory and have a price so now we can get things started.

Clara Edwards reading the fourth reading

John Josiah reading the fifth reading

Clarence and Pearl Murray

Procession of the Gifts

Clarence with the shewbread

Padre smoking up the place again

This little girl is only 22 days old!

En la Misa en español we baptized D'Andre Richard. We usually don't have baptisms during Advent, but he and his parents live in New York and wanted to have D'Andre baptized at San Cristóbal just as they had been. So, I did it, 'cuz I'm happy to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that being a main part of my duties as priest. D'Andre looked very spiffy in his little white suit and vest. He wasn't too happy about the water on his head but he recovered quickly.

Peter Wright lighting the Advent Wreath

The Baptism

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June Butler said...

Lovely, Padre. I'd love to attend one of your services.

May God bless Andre and keep him close all the days of his life.

A Blessed and Merry Christmas to you and the Lovely Mona!

I See You!

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