Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Change! Hope!

I know you've seen this elsewhere, but tough beans; I likes it!


Tia Sue said...

That is cool! Thank you padre.

June Butler said...

I could say something, but I won't. I'll only say that I love the cartoons.

Padre Mickey said...

I could say something, but I won't.

Well, abuelita, I saw it in many places, and then, eventually, at Wounded Bird. I just couldn't remember where I saw it first, so I didn't give anyone credit.

Think I'll spend the next few days talking about saints.

June Butler said...

Padre, just this once, I'll let it pass.

I jest. Of course, you're right. It was all over the intertubes.

Padre Mickey said...

You know I luvs you, Abuelita!

Now go read my post on that dips**t Marty Minns!
Not that I would ever tell you what to do. . .

I See You!

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