Friday, December 12, 2008


Nacimientos, or, as we called them in my family, "Manger Scenes," are very very popular here in Panamá. Some of our neighbors even place them on their patios. And, of course, the nacimiento in a church must be spectacular.

I've always enjoyed the nacimiento at San Cristóbal. I remember my first Christmas here, looking at the nacimiento, which included a little pig farm, and commenting that there probably weren't many pig farms in Bethlehem in those days, and I'm pretty sure that they're aren't any nowadays! We have lots of pieces that we've had for a long time, and some fit and some don't. Quite often the youth of the parish build the nacimiento. In fact, you can see last year's nacimiento and the post I made.

This year the Prayer Group wanted to build the nacimiento. They also decided to purchase some new pieces so that the perspective wouldn't be such a mixed bag, with giant humans and miniature cows. They asked permission to build it in the usual place, the chapel. They asked if they could make it a bit larger than usual. I agreed, and said that they could even make a backdrop covering the chancel and altar as we don't use them in the chapel.

They were hard at work until 9:00 pm the other night. In the morning I decided to check in on things and this is what I found!

Click da pichure dem ta see big vershahn

Some of the old pieces have been reassigned new roles. The BVM from the old nacimiento is now selling fruit.

The old stable is now a shelter for sheep with Joseph tending the flock.

River of Foil

And where is Baby Jesus?

Hiding in Padre's office until the Big Day! (He looks like he is suffering from a severe vitamin D deficiency. Maybe I'll give him a little tan)

I am so impressed with this nacimiento!!


Ann said...

I think you need this nativity figure.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Where's your caganer??????

Jane R said...

Gorgeous. But where is Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love?

Fran said...


Wow, que rico, que bueno.

Harry Allagree said...

I absolutely LOVE this blog site! What joy and craziness! By the way, my vote is for Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love.

Harry Allagree+
Retired, Dioc. of No. CA

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love this. And I haven't heard the term "manger scene" since . . . oh, probably since I was Baptist. Thanks for the memory.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

That's amazing, Padre---You have some really creative parishioners!

(I confess my first thought when I saw it was "I wonder how many of the members of that Prayer Group are first-borns?" ;-)


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