Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Reminder

I appears that it is time to remind the Most Holy and Great Archbishop, Partriarch, and Big Chiefy Guy of the Grumpy Ol' Ign'ant Protestants (GOIP) that there is but one True, Really, I Meant It, Church™, and he is not a part of it (unless a cheque was recently placed in the mail; then we'll just wait until it clears).

Also, for Bad Beard Marty, I remind him of the following: The center of the universe in the Roman Catholic Church is Rome.
The center of the universe in the Greek Orthodox Church is Greece. The center of the universe in the Antiochean Church is Antioch. The center of the universe of in the Church of England is England, and members of the Church of England are called Anglicans. Wheaton, Ill, is the center of the universe for Billy Graham Ministries.

The Lovely Mona is the center of my universe.

That is all.


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Succinctly put.

Anonymous said...

Well put, padre.

Just remember, it's hard to nail down the exact location of the center of the new and improved fundamentalist Americanized Anglican Communion because the center is where ever +Duncan is. The Anglican universe revolves around him (to hear the folks in viagra-land talk).

Leonard said...

Duncan Pitts really does go on-and-on and that little forced smile (afterall his lips go South) ain´t fool´n anyone...I´m feeling a little mean, but REALLY, how stupid are these puritan mad-dogs who want to worship with Anglo Catholics who demand there are no FEMALE priests or bosomed bishops around? What are they going to do with Johnnie David Schofield (I think might come marching home...verdad?).

I wonder if there is a ¨Lisp/Limp Wrist¨ Canon forthcoming?

These dudes are not only dysfunctional but also plain NUTS!

Matthew Hubbard said...

Colorado Springs is the center of the universe for a lot of creepy churches. Thought I might throw that in since we are doing all this centering stuff.

Caminante said...

Glad you got your centers right and that Mona is at the center of your universe but does she like having her lovely name in the same post as those canards?

Wormwood's Doxy said...

The Lovely Mona is the center of my universe.

Padre, you are a good man. You brought tears to my eyes with that comment...


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