Monday, December 29, 2008

It's An Engrish Krimble!

Since I am a Rabble-Rouser and I think it is very important, AND since there have been only about ten people reading this blog for the past week (and all ten are the Coolest People On The Planet), I figured I'd post these

This whiskey is nasty!

I think the whiskey may have had something to do with this Christmas expression


Wormwood's Doxy said...

A lot of times I read your blog in my Google Reader, which means you probably don't know it. I'll try to do better!


Anonymous said...

Of course I check your blog regularly, you're my dad!

That's some good Engrish in those pictures.

Michael+ said...

Can I get a "One of the Ten Coolest People on Earth" logo for my web page? I'm quite honored!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Christmas for the linguistically impaired, eh?

Hope yours was throbbing.

Jane R said...

Wow, I'm a cool people!

I particularly like the Johnnie Worker Red Labial one ;-).

And you, sir, are a naughty priest, but that is why your friends love you. And your entire wonderful family.

Matthew Hubbard said...

To Wormwood Doxy: SiteMeter knows about the Google Reader, because I see it in my referrals. Another reader is not so sure about RSS feeds getting counted.

Like the good padre, the number of readers on my blog PLUMMETED this last week, the lowest number since the last week of last year. A lot of people don't read blogs at this time of year because they aren't at work, and therefore don't need the short sanity break.

As for Red Labial, I can't recommend drinking it, but if you get stuck with some Black Labial, consult a physician immediately.

Anonymous said...

The taste of Red(dened) Labia on the other hand... ;-p [Did I say that out loud?]

A wonderfully throbbing Christmastide to todos de Cool People at the Dance Party!

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