Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Photo Time!

I've been behind on my photo posting, as it's been a bit busy around here.
We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday instead of Thursday, as the Lovely Mona had class on Thursday and wouldn't be home until late. Our extended family: Bert Leigh, Tía Sue, Eric Jackson, la Familia Green y la Familia Maduro and Venetia Briggs, a visiting scholar at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, celebrated Thanksgiving with style here at la Rectoría. Chompita was reasonably well behaved and did very little begging. We were having so much fun talking and eating that I didn't take many photos, but what I did take are posted below:

El Pavo en el horno

Joyce Green brought this amazing centerpiece

The dinner table

Sunday was the First Sunday of Advent. The Lovely Mona played her flute for the Offertory Anthem. To set the season apart, we are using Morning Prayer with Holy Eucharist. It keeps everyone on their toes! Next Sunday is Mother's Day, so there will be lots of photos!

Choir, Chancel, and Advent Wreath

Men talking before the service

The Lovely Mona

Hillary returning from Communion

In the evening, the Lovely Mona and I went to Albrook to Glanville, Marlene, and little Kelsey Green's beautiful new home to celebrate Joyce Green's birthday. We had quite a time! We were all surprised when three musicians appeared to sing Las Mañanitas and then entertained us all for about an hour. There was dancing and singing and lots to eat. Here are some photos of the party:

Early Arrivals (The Birthday Girl is holding up her glass of sangria)

The Musicians

Our host sings with the combo

Joyce and Keith dancing

Andre, DeAndre, and Joyce dancing


Today is my day off, and it's a holiday as the Government moved the Independence from Spain celebration from Friday to today, so I'm laying low and resting.

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