Thursday, December 25, 2008

Favorite Tree Ornaments

This post is really for my daughters, Tara and Anne, the Fabulous Dresbabies. They will remember the majority of these ornaments, although we made a few of them here in Panamá. As you can tell, we like lots of musical ornaments. When we lived in California, the Lovely Mona would go to Macy's and Mervins on Boxing Day and buy ornaments at an incredible discount, so we have some cool stuff.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

The crazy pipe-cleaner birds!


it's margaret said...

and merry Christmas to you Padre! I love your ornaments. --and by the way, where and when did you live in California?! --jus' wondering if our paths have ever crossed.

Leonard said...

Happy EVERYTHING Padre and´s a splendid day to share with you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,

We lived in San Jose until we moved to Berkeley in the early 90's when the good Padre went to seminary.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

I love those ornaments! I miss all the musical instruments and the crazy pipe cleaner birds. I also have fond memories of sitting under or behind the tree reading the little book ornaments we would keep near the bottom.

There should be some Christmas Morning pics of Evie soon.

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