Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Purpose Driven Invocation

I can't believe it! Crazy-A** Preacher Pastor Rick Warren is going to give the invocation at Obama's Inauguration!

I've read that Warren supported Proposition 8, and that he thinks gay marriage is equal to polygamy and incest. He is anti-choice (big surprise) and equates abortion to the Holocaust. He supported the assassination of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad because "stopping evil is the legitimate role of government." And he wears a crappy goatee. He thinks that the Bible says that God puts government on earth to punish evildoers. Yep, the Nazi Government punished lots of evil doers. So did Stalin's government. Mao was great at it. Nixon, Reagan, Dubya, all kept evil doers in line. And ol' Mugabe is doing God's work as we speak!

You know, I do lots of Invocations here in the Diocese of Panamá, and Bishop Murray does the Benediction. It works really well, and I think Obama should have at least considered the Bishop Murray and Padre Mickey team. But, no, he choses Rick Warren, known nut-case.

I dunno, we may have to keep an eye on this new administration; they seem to believe whatever they see on T.V.


Matthew Hubbard said...

For a Marxist, Obama has found a lot of ways to piss off a mere lefty such as myself.

Paul said...

It sure steams me.

But I would certainly cast my vote for the Mickey and Murray combo.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Well, this is why I supported Hillary early on. I'm just wondering if, given his cabinet appointments, including Hillary, that he isn't "keeping his friends close and enemies closer."

Sure will win him some evangelicals - I'm assuming he's also trying to win them over.

A dangerous game.

Anonymous said...

When I heard the news, I could not think of any words, even cuss words (and believe me, Sister Mary Clara does know a few cuss words) adequate to express exactly how revolted and offended I felt. I don't think anybody but the Rt. Rev. Gallito Mescalito has the appropriate vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

I mean, if the transition team didn't want to go with the Bishop Murray and Padre Mickey team, what about the Rt. Rev. Red Mr. Peanut Bank and the Rt Rev. Gallito Mescalito!!??

Jane R said...

He should have picked a rabbi.

A woman rabbi.

This is really appalling.

Anonymous said...

God don't like ugly.

And "Publicity-Driven" Rick is one UGLY mo'fo'! :-X

Why, Barack, why???

[Go here and give Obama what-for. Maybe "Change We Can Believe In" is changing Obama's mind re Warren?]

Göran Koch-Swahne said...


But then we all know how the ¨Murcans are into fundamentalist madness.

Leonard said...

Just plain lightweight...perhaps Obama was taking a nap, certainly he doesn´t buy this guys crapola and sweaty palmed handshake...this fundie supports Akinola and Orombi...very sick stuff to be parading around offering up prayers and hopes of peace while Akinola and Orombi are instigating witchunts (not to mention the Massacre of Yelwa) and indulging in ugly capers at home and abroad!

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

IMHO Barrack is not the "leftist" that everyone thinks he is. The review of his time at the Harvard Law Review indicates a far more centrist/utilitarian approach to most things that for some reason seems to escape most.
As a "bit" of a critical theorist of sorts I do not hear the buzz words of the left. His concept of redistribution of wealth is a veritable capitalist's dream.

OT: Every now and then I get a kick out your letters: This time it was o ship l

spocko said...

I too would vote for the Bishop Murray and Padre Mickey team.

Over at FDL, Jane Hamsher was on CNN talking about Rick Warren and his views. In the treads we got a couple of posters who decided to tell Jane how wrong she is about the bible and the word marriage.

It was rather amusing but also sad because the arguments he was using were some of the same as our least favorite talk radio host.

He was also going on about sex as a sin of the flesh. It was like he was getting his views of the bible from the Mom in the movie Carrie. I expected him to call breasts "dirty pillows"
Several people, including myself, tried to engage him, but he couldn't support his arguments.

I blame his teachers. I do wish I could have found out who there were.
Here is his most bizarre comment.

And here was my reply.

Padre Mickey said...

You're right, Spocko, that guy was one piece of work. He believes that all sex is actually wicked, but it isn't AS wicked if you're married to the person. His statement about procreation is silly, in my opinion. Lots of people get married and can't have children for various physical reasons. I guess their marital relations (to use an old term) are wicked.

I thought your response was well-written and your snark was well controlled; much more than any response I would have given.

David and John said...

As I said on another blog....

This should come as no surprise, as Mr.Obama has shown that he is quite OK with throwing GLBT people under his bus (or should I say, making GLBT people sit in the back of his bus).

I was an Obama supporter in the primary, until he asked homophobic bigot Donny McClurkin to perform at his South Carolina campaign concert. It was at that moment that I knew Mr. Obama was only giving lip-service to full equality. When confronted with this issue, Mr. Obama gave the same B.S. he has given us this go-around....his "big tent", "agree to disagree" mantra.

Sorry guys, but I cannot agree to disagree on the subjects of hate and equality. This is not economic policy here, or a debate on the tax code, this is HUMAN RIGHTS!

Until Mr. Obama chooses a racist pastor to pray at his inaguration, then he will continue to be labeled a hypocrit. As it stands, it is evident that Mr. Obama thinks that hatred of certain minorities is somehow not as bad as the hatred of certain others.

If he thinks I should tolerate those who hate me because of my sexual orientation, then he should have no problem tolerating those who hate him because of his race.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

"Purpose driven"???

He will sorely miss it.

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