Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Random Top Ten: Second Day of Christmas Edition

Geez, who knew the Colonel was such a prolific Recording Artist!

Ya pushes "shuffle" on Padre's Krispen Karoles playlist and ya takes yer chances. . .
1. O Come All Ye Faithful The Chieftains
2. Christmas In Heaven James Brown
3. A Wassail, A Wassail Throughout This Town Theatre Of Voices
4. I'm A Christmas Tree Larry and Wildman Fisher
5. Let's Unite The Whole World At Christmas James Brown
6. Fifty Kilowatt Tree The Bobs
7. The Apple Tree Theatre of Voices
8. Christmas Time In The Motor City Was (Not Was)
9. Santa Dog The Residents
10. Las Zambombas La Boca Alumni Chorus That's not La Boca Alumni Chorus in the video

James Brown IS Christmas around here, pal! I can't believe that none of the James Brown Christmas songs are available on the YouTubes. That is terrible. And, the songs available on the YouTubes are quite a surprise. Well, ya'll needs ta hear Santa Dog anyway. Oh, a Zambomba is a kind of rustic drum (yeah, they're all rustic, aren't they?)
Maybe I'll do a regular list, también. It's a slow day.

Feliz Navidad and Happy St. Stephen's Day (git yerself stoned; wait, is that sacrilegious?)

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