Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hoy en la Parroquia San Cristóbal

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day here in Panamá. It's a big deal, a national holiday. Everything will be closed. We celebrated Mothers' Day at San Cristóbal with a single, bilingual service. The youth choir sang a version of the Maginificat en español, but we didn't get any photos of that as the Lovely Mona and I forgot to hand the camera to someone, and we were both busy with the choir.

At the end of the service the Men's Fellowship announced The Mother of the Year, Mrs. Barbara Smith, president of the ECW. They had a lovely presentation. Mrs. Adica Moore said a poem about mothers, and Mr. Milford Peynado gave a lovely talk about Mothers' Day and the importance of mothers. Then members of the Men's Fellowship escorted Mrs. Barbara Smith to be acknowledged as Mother of the Year, and last year's Mother of the Year, Mrs. Violet Seale, pinned a corsage on Barbara. After all that, the Men's Fellowship hosted a breakfast for everyone on the patio. A fine time was had by all!


Padre predicando

Durante la Misa

Mrs. Moore

Milford Peynado

Mr. Vincent Smikle on behalf of the Men's Fellowship

Mother of the Year, Barbara Smith

Barbara and last year's MotY, Violet Seale

Mr. Percival Thomas presents a plaque

Barbara and her mother, Mabel Smith

Barbara and Janet Lord

Barbara and Elfrida Beckford of the ECW

Barbara and Keith Green, Senior Warden

Barbara thanking everyone


Barbara at breafast

Barbara with her Daughter-in-law and grandson

Mothers of the parish at breakfast

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