Monday, December 29, 2008

Ayer en Parroquia San Cristóbal

Yesterday, at the 7:30am service, our Choirs performed the Cantata Everlasting Lord. The cantata took the place of the sermon, which is fine with me! I didn't get away unscathed, however; I was the narrator, so I was still up in the pulpit, just not saying anything I wrote.

The cantata was well received because the choirs did a great job! Our director and organist, Profesor Reynaldo Taylor worked with the adult choir and the Lovely Mona and Padre worked with the Coro de los Jóvenes and they didn't rehearse together until last week. The cantata was in English, so the Lovely Mona concentrated on helping the kids sing in English and they did very well.

At the offertory, Miss Sadie Taylor, daughter of el Profesor, sang Oh Holy Night. Everyone loved it so much that she received a standing ovation. Well, that's just not done at the offertory, is it? Thank God we're not in los Estados Unidos! Then we moved on to the Holy Eucharist, as one would expect. All in all, another one of those St. Christopher's high-energy, joyous Choral Eucharists.

Photographic evidence follows.
Photos of the cantata were taken by Miss Sadie Taylor, and the Lovely Mona took the other photos, as usual

Profesor Reynaldo Taylor directing

El Coro de Jóvenes joins in for a few numbers

The Narrator. He looks kinda grumpy, doesn't he? I think he's reading "And Joseph said unto the shepherds, "Get that kid with the drum outta here! The baby's trying to sleep!!"

Miss Sadie Taylor singing Oh Holy Night

Another smokey procession!

Mr. Vincent Smikle, who turned 90 years old the day before

Coffee Hour photos

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