Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Is He Kidding?

One hella bad beard on one silly person

Okay, I've avoided talking about this stuff, as my parents are in the fake Diocese of San Joaquin and I've been trying to be nice, but, GEEZ LOUEEZE!!
I quote from this article:
Bishop Minns, a priest who led his large, historic church in Virginia out of the Episcopal Church two years ago and was subsequently ordained a bishop by the Anglican Archbishop of Nigeria, said: “One of the questions a number of the primates are asking is why do we still need to be operating under the rules of an English charity, which is what the Anglican Consultative Council does. Why is England still considered the center of the universe?”
Oh, "Bishop" Minns, you silly person, England is not the center of the universe! It is, however, the center of Anglicanism. It really doesn't matter what the Most Holy Primates of the Global South and their schismatic friends think, the center of Anglicanism will never be in Argentina or Abuja.
Instead of calling yourselves "Anglicans," may I suggest "Grumpy Ol' Ig'nant Protestants?"
You're welcome!


susan s. said...

I think you should enter your beard in MPs contest. You do still have one, don't you, Mike?

We can't let the f*ckwits win that contest!

Padre Mickey said...

Yeah, I still gots it.
I'll have the Lovely Mona take a photo of my Beautiful, Manly, Liberal beard.

Rev. Kurt Huber said...

I thank God we never elected him here in CT (He ran for our diocesan bishop position 8 to 10 years ago...)

it's margaret said...

ohhhh Padre --did your parents remain TEC or did they fly south?

Lookin' forward to your beard reveal.

Leonard said...

Martyn Minns is a sorry lot. He´s going to take another tumble in Colorado...building a ministry on creating difference and hate (and thieving)...simply won´t cut it. Crafty as he thinks he is, he picked a wildeyed bishop to suck up to...Minns was unable to get mitred in Rio Grande as well as Conneticut (makes one wonder how many Episcopal Church dioceses said ¨no¨ before desperation set in).

Paul said...

You know those world's ugliest dog contests?

Sorry, but I think of those every time I see a photo of him.

Never said I was charitable, now, did I?

But that rudeness over looks is charitable compared to what I think of him as a human being.

June Butler said...

Padre, that's a fella with one hella bad beard for sure. So you don't think that the future center of Anglicanism will be in Argentina. I don't know. It could happen.

Padre Mickey said...

So you don't think that the future center of Anglicanism will be in Argentina. I don't know. It could happen.
Well, if it happens, estimada abuelita, then it won't be Anglicanism, it will be Argentinismo or Conodesurisma. I still prefer GOIP, or Grumpy Ol' Ig'nant Protestants.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I'm with Paul!


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