Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bite Me, Big Pete!

I've been thinking about the recent unpleasantness in the Anglican Communion. I have a bad habit of going over to Titus 1:9 on occasion (when I want to raise my blood pressure) and I just get so sick of being called a pagan, a Unitarian, and told that TEC is no longer Christian, especially by a bunch of neo-Donatist, bible-thumpin', homophobes (see, I can call names too!). My parents live in the diocese of San Joaquin, and they spout some of that Network baloney on occasion. One time I said, "When you say that stuff about the Episcopal Church, you are saying that about me." Oh, they denied it, since I'm not one of THOSE people, except for my nasty habit of supporting gays and lesbians and insisting that the Holy Spirit will work through whomsoever she will, but at least I know the Bible and preach the Gospel. The Rector of their parish (whom I consider a friend) told me that he was teaching that the Bible is infallible and the standard for truth and I must admit, shamefully, that I didn't respond. Of course, I was thinking: "Infallible? Standard for Truth? Have you actually read the Bible?!?"

My understanding of the eschatological tradition is that on Judgement Day our Lord will be the judge. We will all answer to him and no one else. I have yet to discover the text that states that judgement is in the hands of the Most Blessed Primates of the Global South, and I don't remember reading about the Church of Nigeria (Anglican) in the Apocalypse of St. John (I didn't read anything about either TEC or the CofE, for that matter!) and its Archbishop being seated on the Throne of Judgement, separating the sheep from the goats. Fr. Jake has a post at his site, Will Archbishop Akinola be “disciplined” by the Primates? which is definitely worth reading. Padre says, "Check it out!"

Hey, look! A picture of a cute ferret wearing a neckerchief! Maybe it's a Ferret Scout (FSA)!

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Caminante said...

God bless you, having parents who attend a Network church and engaging with them. Actually, God has blessed you because you aren't a lesbian priest. Things could be worse, y'know. :)

Padre Mickey said...

Well, my dear Caminante, I believe you are blessed, too. Now that I know about you, I wonder how instrumental you are in Primado Martíns' understanding and support of gay and lesbian clergy.

Caminante said...

Creo que sí, un buen parte de su entendimiento viene de mi presencia en ES pero es una persona de gran compasión que viene de su ser.

Raspberry Rabbit said...

Bless you Padre. Canadian priest living in Scotland here. I spent a dreadful afternoon with some of my parents's friends who are in a Network-style Church in Vancouver - the Church where I was baptized - and what kept going through my mind was 'do I even open my mouth'. We will have to open it eventually - but we need to take a good long think about what to say because what is most obvious has too many obscene words and gestures.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Preach it, Padre!

KJ said...

I live in a family divided. One brother and his wife attend a network church. I and my partner attend a most welcoming and affirming church. My father, an evangelical, non-Anglican takes pleasure at the "orthodox" insistence of network types, while at the same time has a long history of speaking freely in opposition to "fundies" he encounters in his own faith home.

When my dad cheers on the network folks, I remind him that their goal is to ensure that their churches are safe from the likes of me, and if it were up to them, I would not have a church home in the Anglican Communion.

Conversation killer everytime.

Saint Pat said...

Padre Mickey, I live in a Network Diocese, so I hear that kind of talk a lot. While my nature is to snap back, I'm trying to learn to be "wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove."

There are times to speak, and times to let things pass. Knowing when to do which is often my problem, LOL!

It sounds like you do pretty good.

I was in a discussion group in my church when one man made a very bad joke about gays. It was on my tongue to tell him what I thought about the joke, but I just looked at him sadly, instead. His wife saw my look, and told him to hush up, in front of everyone. Probably much more effective.

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