Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Additions to the Blog Roll

The photo is of Sean McConnell of the Diocese of California website, yours truly, and Padre Richard of Caught By The Light (Your source for Epiphany West blogging!) at Epiphany West. Sean was a classmate and we went to Panama with the Panama Project of 1998. I hope you all read Richard's posts about Epiphany West; he was really on top of things!

Our own Grandmère Mimi has joined the Episcopal Blogosphere at The Wounded Bird and I realize that everybody already knows this because everyone who reads the Dance Party reads MadPriest, too (probably first; I know I do!).

Our friend in Scotland, Raspberry Rabit, has a kickin' blog which has been added to my daily reading.

Don't forget Episcopalooza, which we added quietly a few weeks ago.

I met the Revd. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva, Secretary General of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil (photo below), at Epiphany West and we had some great conversations (I translated for him at dinner one evening). His blog is Kantinho Do Rev and, while difficult for most of us to read, will be a breeze for a certain young crucifer with a chubby kitty in Brasil. He was a lawyer before he became a priest, and the blog is mostly about politics.

Padre says, "Check dem out!"


Luiz Coelho said...

I know Fr. Xico's blog... I know him (online) because of the Anglican Network for Human Rights.

Also, he has a blog in English. Check it out:

Xico said...

Prezado Padre Mickey
thank you so much for your reference to me at the Epiphany West Conference. It was so nice experience for me and very confortable to hear many many people concerned with an inclusive anglicanism!

Padre Mickey said...

Padre Francisco, boa vinda ao festa da dança (I hope I got that right).

I had a wonderful time meeting you in Berkeley and I am happy that you reached home safely

I See You!

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