Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Vine In The Sacristy

Things grow fast here in the Tropics. I was in the sacristy yesterday and everything was just as it always is. However, this morning, an acolyte showed me that a vine had slipped through a very small gap between the louvered windows and wrapped itself around one of the tapers that we use to light the candles. Just recently we had two iguanas lounging about in the sacristy; it's becoming quite the wild-life sanctuary.


Grandmère Mimi said...

LOL, Padre. I worked on the altar guild for many years, and I'm pleased we were spared a true wildlife sanctuary. The occasional cockroach was bad enough.

The vine is OK, but the iguanas would have been too much.

Padre Mickey said...

Abuela mimi, ¡bienvenidos!
Those iguanas were a big surprise. However, they are happily living outside now. We did have a problem with the piscina a few months back; a rat had climbed in the pipe and died and was blocking the drain. ¡Güacalá! as we say here (Yucky).

Caminante said...

Oh God a dead rat in the piscina pipe. Carumba. When we used to turn the heat off in the church Sunday afternoon-Saturday night (no running water in the building which is from 1843), the pipe to the piscina would freeze but it wasn't a problem really because you could open the back door and chuck the water outside into the bank of snow/ice left by roof dumps.

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