Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Devil in the Church

Boy, it was one of those days! On Wednesdays we have our Holy Eucharist with Healing. After communion people come up for prayer and anointing with oil. It's a nice service. However, today I noticed some hostility between members of the Altar Party and one could feel a less than holy vibe in the chancel. It seemed to affect everything: the organist became confused during the offertory hymn and played something other than what was announced, and didn't stop, he just kept playing the wrong hymn. Two people in the front pew decided that the Lord's Prayer was an excellent opportunity to race with the rest of the congregation. At least I was able to get centered in time for the Healing Prayer. Once we left the chancel and walked into the sacristy I called the entire Altar Party into my office for a talk. We discussed how we, as Christians, are to treat each other even when we get on each other's nerves. I think we have everything worked out. I was talking to member of the congregation later about something else and she said "Seem like the devil was runnin' through the church this morning." Thank God our salvation does not depend on a problem-free religious ceremony!

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