Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging: Tina Dreams A Dream

All those hours spent in Migración and driving between Parque Lefevre and Balboa have made Padre a Very Silly Person, Indeed!

Somewhere in Río de Janeiro, a Rather Large kitty relaxes on the sofa after her third meal of the morning and dreams the dreams of zaftig gatitas. . .

1. Snerk, snort, snnoooooorrrrrrrrrr (cue dreamy harp music) Then: SSSHRRRIIIIEEEEKKKKK!!!
2. ¡Chuletas! ¿What is that sound?
4. Calm down, Gallito Mescalito. (SHREIK SHRIEK) ¿What on earth could be so upsetting?
6. It's the Teletubbies!!!
7. Los Toobis: "Eh-oh Gah-eat-oh!!" Gallito Mescalito: "¡¡¡SHRIIEEKK!!! ¡¡¡SHRIEK SHRIEK!!!" Mr. Red Peanut Bank: Oh, it's only the Teletubbies. They're cute and talk like babies and live with bunnies. You like bunnies, right?
8. "Snore, snort, snerk, ¿Coelhos? ssnnnnooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"
9. We wuv ooo, Gah-eat-oh! Awww, BIG HUG!!!!
11. Mr. Red Peanut Bank: "That's enough, teletubbies! Run along. You're upsetting Mr. Gallito Mescalito!!" Teletubbies: "Run away! Run away!!" Gallito Mescalito: "SHRIEK! SHRIEK! SHRIEK!"
12. Mr. Red Peanut Bank: "There, there, Gallito Mescalito. The teletubbies have run back to Teletoobilandia and their bunnies. Everything's okay now." Gallito Mescalito: "SHRIEK, sob, SHRIEK, sob, sob, SHRIEK"


Luiz Coelho said...


Luiz Coelho said...

If it's a teletubbie story, it has to be repeated *again*.

When I was studying in Spain, the local Teletubbies said:

"más, más, más, más"

Here in Brazil they say:

"de nooooooooooovo"


Luiz Coelho said...


An Evangelical congressman here wanted to forbid Teletubbies to be aired here because Tinky-Winky (the violet one who carries a purse) was gay.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Why do I love every tiny square inch of nutsiness that goes on around here?
Am I to be "put away" soon? Will they come for me? I scream with laughter outloud out here in the middle of almost nowhere...what will they think in my Pueblo when the "gringo" goes mad? Do you think my next of kin will be contacted to haul me outta here for a period of non-straight straight-jacketing up North of the border(s)? My niece has agreed that when "the time comes" I will be rushed to her home near San Francisco for the final act (and hopefully drugged transition)...but, certainly that wouldn't include diversion and confinement at the former Agnew State Hospital for electro shock? You remember Agnew Padre? Just down by San Jose at the foot of the Bay where if one was really energetic one could jump out of their straight jacket and swim to the Dumbarton Bridge and FREEDOM! Alas, I don't think I've got it in me anymore...I better just tape my mouth (would I explode? pop blood vessels?) when I come look at my friends both real and non-real (I think) here at Padre Mickey's Dance Party?

Holy VACA, you're leaving town Fr. Mickey...what will I do when my laughlines start to heal over?

I hate it when you go out to play with your *other* friends!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Luiz, I want you to take that cross out of your did it's job already but now it's starting to split my personality and you're the one in the picture...stuff like that can be "catching"...I'm so codependent I think I'm split down the middle like YOU processing somewhere in Rio!


Do you hear anything?

Should I look for noisy listening devises?

Egads, I'm a sick galleta.

Padre Mickey, write if they've reopened Agnew (that's why all the homeless are still wandering aimlessly about the Tenderloin in San Francisco you know...Ronnie Regan and his cutbacks, another moron solving "social" problems that simply shift to worse case scenarios)!

I'm already upset about your proximity to Original Joes.

Celoso is a terrible thing in a Anglicano (just ask ++Vulnerable)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I had to come back. I couldn't stop myself...the afterimage of Mr. Red Peanut Bank posed (the front center confident one) stuck in my once present mind...I always aspired to carry the "essence" of masculinity that Mr. Red Peanut Bank seems to demonstrate so instinctively...I'll have to pose for hours and see what I can come up with...I bet being "Red" is part of the deal...well, I'm sorta redheaded but nothing like Mr. Red Peanut Bank is Red headed. I bet MRPB gets over-the-counter Panamanian Testostorone shots on Padre Mickeys day off!


I've never been treated fairly...just put me on a even playing field por favor!

My genetic make-up is all wrong too and I bet MRPB is taller than me too (I photograph short)!

I'm leaving in a huff!


Eileen said...

Padre - Duuuude - that mus' be sun' gooood sheeeet.

How cun' you done share?


Padre Mickey said...

Well, I'm glad you all liked this Hallnmark Presentation. Luiz, when Mona and I first came to Central America we spent a month in Costa Rica. There the Teletubbies said "Otra vez, otra vez." Our Panamanian granddaughter would watch the Teletubbies in inglés y espanol.
Leonardo, my band A Cruel Hoax used to play gigs at Agnews as a kind of Servicio Social. We used to bring other bands with us, and we all had a great time. When one band was playing the rest of us would go out and dance with the residents. I miss the Original Joe's Special; I use to go there with my grandpa for dinner and we would both have the Joe's Special. Sometimes I make that at home.
Eileen, I guess it's just residual; I haven't touched anything like that in twenty years!!!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh yes, right, Padre!

On top of everything else you've done tonight you'd bring up Joe's I sit drooling thinking about spinich, choppedbeef, mushrooms, sauteed (by those drunk cooks behind the counter and served by those deadlooking old guys in Tuxedos)...what else was in Joe's Special? I've gotta try and make it? You realize that Original Joes in "the City" is NOT the same as the one as OURS at 1st and San Carlos...the "Tenderloin" one is inferior by far and was sold off zillions of years ago (I tested it again not long ago...malo). Not to get crazy but I don't think there is ANYTHING that I didn't love at Original Joes...did you ever go to "The Cats" in Los Gatos? A favorite of mine.

Did you know I was a Buyer at Hart's Department Store before I finished College? Alex Hart was still alive last year and I telephoned him to say hi...dear soul and fine man that he is he said "I can see you right now"...he hadn't seen me for about 40 years and then he was off to lunch at the St. Clare Club and had to hang up (where he once took me several times during my years at Hart's).

I never had as striking a presence as Mr. Red Peanut Bank but when I lived in OriginalJoesland and worked at Hart's I was quite the Gallito's a wonder I survived...most people like me and Gallito Mescalito didn't survive that era you know.

I've always been extra blessed and I know it....thank you God.

Have a safe journey Padre and wave as you pass over the volcano that's smoking just south of the one that isn't!

Matty Boy said...

Hi Leonardo Ricardo...

I performed at The Cats at least once when I parted ways with the other Wonders of Science, who showed up to give me moral support. I wasn't the club's cup of tea. My brother performed there many times.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Mattyboy,

The "ladies" (aledged "aunt/niece combo) that owned/started the "Cats" once worked at a steak place downtown (near the old Hart's Warehouse and I can't remember the name of it but I LOVED IT TOO and it was CHEAP and so GOOD)...Alex Hart had a Christmas Party at The Cats the week before it opened formally, I was a attendee...Dale Price was the "bigname", of Plateau 7 fame, entertainer at the Cats in those days/daze and then there was one of the "owner ladies" who did "sets" too...anyway, I loved going to "The Cats" it still there (I need to know the garlic/butter recipe that they put on the potatos...the BBQ sauce and Roquefort Cheese concoctions would be helpful too if you know em)?

Thanks for the memories!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I just remembered the owner lady's name: Patty was one of them...great people and the food was so basic and so good!

Now, I'm hungry again.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Guess what? I'm not going completely nutso...the name of the restaurant downtown by the warehouse was/is the "High Life" and the niece/aunt (aledged) combo worked there as the only waitresses until they opened The Cats in Los Gatos...whew, it took me two hours to remember the High Life (scene of some very important mischiefmaking in my day/daze)!

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