Monday, January 01, 2007

More Photos From Last Night's Watchnight Service

Here are a few more fótos from last night. It's amazing how many children come to this service and stay awake. Maybe they do the same thing Mona and I do and take an afternoon nap. They may be a bit slow during the service, but they really lively-up afterwards! When we got home last night, our neighbor Armando, six years old, was still up watching the fireworks and talking up a storm.
Fótos by the Lovely Mona
1. Niñas y Niño
2. Hermanas
3. Miembros del Coro
4. Daniel y Kelsey
5. Niñas con hermano

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

And what else would one expect in the land of the Panamanians where everyone seems to be happy AND loving?

Just another example of what can happen if you start acting like people who ACTUALLY belong to the same religious and aren't paranoid about "peace of the Lord" abrazos!

The Global Center knows stuff!

don Leonardo Rodrigo Fuentes Ordonez Alvardo Conjeo Puente y Marsol, exalted ruler y jefe of Calle Real numero 0-16!

P.S. Pedro Alvardo wasn't Anglican or these folks would be mean, mean mean!

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