Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

The 7 things meme

The Brazilian Bunny done tagged me!

1. Name a book that you want to share so much that you keep giving away copies
As a priest I should say "The Bible" and I have given away copies, but I don't think that's what were looking for here. I have lent my copy of "Midnight's Children" by Salman Rushdie to many people and it has disappeared for years at a time. I don't really give away copies of books.

2. Name a piece of music that changed the way you listen to music
Charles Ive's Sonatas for Violin and Piano really changed my idea of music.

3. Name a film you can watch again and again without fatigue
Right now I'd say "Moulin Rouge"

4. Name a performer for whom you suspend all disbelief
Robert Duvall

5. Name a work of art you’d like to live with
Anything on black velvet cuz it looks so great in the trailer.

6. Name a work of fiction which has penetrated your real life
I wrote a song with Matty Boy after reading the "Illuminati Trilogy" by Robert Anton Wilson. Is that what you mean?

7. Name a punch line that always makes you laugh
"Maybe you ought to pet him first."

I tag MadPriest, Mary (Sue) de Santa Ignora, and Saint Pat
I'm tagging Caminate y Tía Sue, tambíen.

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Saint Pat said...

Tags have been spread.

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