Thursday, January 25, 2007

Saludos desde Berkeley

Hi everyone. A quick note to let you know that I'm having a great time here at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in beautiful (and cold) Berkeley, California. I'm staying with my friend the Rev. Dr. John Kater, Jr. (He may have met you when he was in Rio in August). I've met Richard from the blog "Caught By The Light" and we have been having fun. We were in a class today and someone made a disparaging comment about "bloggers." Richard was sitting right behind me and whispered "She means us, Padre!" Then someone else said something rude about bloggers and he said "All the bloggers in the room hang their heads in shame!"
I saw my daughter Tara and the world's cutest granddaughter yesterday. The baby was smiling and being very, very cute. When I get back to Panama I'll post photos.
Well, it's obvious that the lovely Mona can write a great post, and I hope she'll keep at it. We may have to set her up with her own blog.
I hope to check in again soon.


Matty Boy said...

Hey, Padre, gimme a buzz. You gots my e-mail and I'm in the book.

Eileen said...

Rude bloggers, huh? You are r and NOT rude.

So says the Episcopali-fem!

Mary Sue said...

I like being rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. It means I can get away with a lot more things (like starting water fights during the Children's Sermon).

I haven't been to Berkeley in years-- I used to spend two weekends a month kicking around there while my friends went to the UC. Padre, think you could eat some Blondie's Pizza for me?

Luiz Coelho said...
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Luiz Coelho said...

Mickey+, my dear...

Kater+ was here in Brazil, invited as a lecturer at SETEK, the Seminário Teológico Egmont Machado Krischke. It's an Anglo-Catholic seminary heavy influenced by liberation theology.

I'm taking SETEK distance-based (with short internships) theology course. That's the seminary I'm attending, so... I know it a bit lol

Unfortunately, our church is poor for a big country and we have only two seminaries: this one, and another, Evangelical, in Recife (which is ***not*** an option, although it's rather liberal). Those of us who don't live at Porto Alegre or Recife have the only option of this online/short trips course plus tutoring by a priest here. The church can't afford many scholarships either.

We have a students blog with some photos. You can see Kater here:

As you'll notice, Porto Alegre is a cold city. Apart from common sense, all southern states in Brazil have cold winters, with occasional snow.

You'll notice an African student, from Angola. The church of Southern Africa sends us all Mozambique and Angola students, so, there's hope for some African dioceses... The man on the far left is Bishop Orlando Oliveira, who was our primate from 2003 to 2006 and still remains as bishop in the see of Porto Alegre, and a lecturer at SETEK.

I'll leave links for some other interesting photos.

Our building

The benediction of the Most holy Sacrament
(the statue of Our Lady of Grace is worth noting... if you wish I can tell a bit about it in private)

Our motto: Credo ut intelligam (our patron is the blessed Evelyn Underhill)

Staff and intern students

One classroom


Informal worship

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Well, it's all about me,me,me!

She was talking about me.

I'm rude sometimes...I can get beyond rude if necessary...if you met me in person you might see a slight "warning signal" of "tear your face off" if you get all anti-LGBT on love has set limits...enough about me,me,me!

What are you doing there? Are you there? I didn't recognize you if you are pictured (I only recognize you when you have a large cross dividing you in two)...and what am I to think about anything when you give NO clues? I liked seeing the "group" photo...all those folks looked very enjoyable and warm (even the chilly looking dude in the blackcoat...hopefully, that ain't you)!

Padre Mickey I've been searching everywhere for you...I even "baited" for you over at Fr. Jakes place...but, you didn't bite...but I did haul in a big conversation with Grace instead...I could have passed on that one as I'm getting quite tired of explaining to straight people that we've always BEEN right next YOU playing supporting and/or cameo roles as your brothers, sister, dads, moms, cousins, best'd think some "straights" would get a grip on the fact that we've always loved them exactly as they are (well, mostly)!

I love the Lovely can tell by her quickness at various funny stuff...she's probably on her toes quite alot around a rectory that includes real live iguanas, bats and then having to contend with the imagined lifestyles of fake objects fashioned into being family friends! The one-the-scene photo opts at church must be rigorous enough but dealing with bats is really something! You the the award Lovely Mona (that was/is the name of my drug addict/reformed/slipped/reformed/slipped/reformed cousin who's really a hell raiser...we ain't related are we Mona?).

Did you wave when you went over my volcano Padre? If so, I wasn't informed by the Maya Godess of Textiles who is usually quite up on these *things*

I'm having my regular "last Friday" of the month luncheon for the local library/learning center...30 for lunch is a little mucho but I'll get over it as I have a date in "bigtown" on Saturday.

I'm blessed in many ways.

Love to all,

Reverend Ref + said...


I went to the funeral of the Rev. Milton Cookson yesterday. He lived and served for a long time in Lewistown, MT. But he also served for many years in Panama.

I was wondering if you knew of any historical traces of him down there (like in the parish/diocesan register or anything)?

Just curious.

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