Friday, January 26, 2007

A Cold, Cold Day

I'm having a great time, but I'm always in a session or at some restaurant! They're gonna have to roll me off the plane. Leonardo, I have not been able to check out Faddah Jakes, so I missed your bait. I haven't had much time to check blogs. However, let me suggest that you all check out Richard's blog "Caught By The Light" (a link is over on the right in the blogroll) 'cuz he is really on top of things and posting like crazy! I'll post a photo of Richard and me and Sean McConnell when I get home next week.

It's drizzly and cold outside right now, so I'm hiding in Dr. Kater's office.

Behave yerselves!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

"Behave yourselves!" Padremeanie

Are you nutso/manio?

I've just completed writing my nightly open (handed) "comment" to Chike the-oh-so-proper/observant (of other peoples character/business) Nigerian living in Inglaterra over at Padre Niceguys Place! Chike is soooo obvious it's thrilling to jump all over him...would that make me a bully? Nonsense, Gays aren't bullies...any heterosexual *knows* that we gay's simply get a little "testy" when attacked, smeared and/or jumped/maimed!

Anyhow, I'm happy you're having a wonderful time Padre and we miss you down here in wherever we's a very good thing that I "adjust" easily to's probably because I'm Gay (did I mention that?)...I mean, after one has "adjusted" to the really weird and soulwrentching stuff, geographic location means nothing at all!

Bless your heart dear Padre and that of your Lovely Monas (who's not my cousin The L.A. South Bays Wicked Mona) too.

I'm still a little concerned about leaving Mr. Red Peanut Bank alone with Mona's just a little hunch I've got about that guy from his photo ops...I'm not really being judgmental but "those kind" of Peanut Banks can get NUTS!

Feliz everything!

Leonardo Ricardo Ordonez Fuentes (no relation to the Alcalde or any of the other ricos in this pueblo)

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre Mickey, DO NOT LET YOUR WIFE READ THIS! I don't know if you've heard about this, but, although I have a husband, and you have a wife, and I am an older woman, I think I have fallen in virtual love with you.

It was your trash talkin' that did it, expecially your comment about our Bishop Katharine, "She be takin' names and kickin' ass!" That comment made you virtually irresistable. There you are. I hope this doesn't cause trouble for you, but that's the way it is.

Mona said...

Mimi, how sweet of you to fall in love with my husband. Just get in line behind the rest of the darling ladies. He's quite the charmer and totally unaware of it. I think that’s part of his appeal.

Leonardo, I must admit that I learned Mr. Red Peanut Bank has been quite the sneak this week. He acts as if he's all well mannered and good during Padre Mickey's absence but then I caught him egging on Gallito Mescalito to do some very noisy activities. First I caught them giving Chompita his noisiest squeaky toys while I was napping. Then they got into Mickey’s recorders and maracas. They were trying to play them, but ended up tossing them everywhere instead. My buddy the Tick was trying to stop them. I knew something was up when I kept hearing “SPOOOOON!”

Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh, Mona, I'm caught out. I can't make much trouble, because I'm far away in south Louisiana - well not that far away, really, is it? Anyway, I will love him, and you, too, for being such an understanding wife, virtually, and from afar. The ladies are lined up, are they?

KJ said...

Sensitive boys always behave themselves. Don't know what's up with Leonardo. I think he's having a bad blogging reaction.

Eileen said...

Leonardo is just giving Chike immersion therapy. He keeps hacking away at that thick thing poor Chike has going on. According to Chike, we are momentarily about to be over-run by Evangelicals, so we'll all have to head for the hills where it's safe.

Gallito Mescalito is naugh-tay! Mr. Peanut is innocent. LOL

MIMI! Where are your nice southern lady manners? Calling the good Padre out in front of the lovely Mona?? I'm sentencing you to 20 vats of Red Beans and Rice for all of us as immediate penance.

And we want real pork in ours (except for Mona - Padre tells me she's vegan - so just beans, rice and liquid smoke for her!)

Besides...I love Padre - all the way from over here in NJ! (stamps foot in pissy hissy, and walks away muttering...)

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