Sunday, January 14, 2007

More Photos of St. Christopher's-On-The-Patio

These Fótos Are By The Lovely Mona
1. The Choir and the Band
2. El Congregación It was a Low Sunday as the majority of the High School and Jr. High kids were at Summer Camp
3. Another view of el Coro I think they were clapping in time with the music, thus the strange poses
4. Preparing to take up the gifts

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Anonymous said...

Padre -

I've read portions of your blog and will find some time to read more when things settle down. Enjoyed looking at the photos, and sorry we didn't have time to visit. We arrived safely back to the US, and my sister drove my mother to her home. Can you email me with relevant info for someone interested in making contributions to the church? is the place. I will also email you later my address info so we can connect with Mrs. Mickey when she visits the area.

peace. Philip

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