Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Walk To Church With Padre Mickey

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When I started this blog MadPriest suggested that I write about what I do here in Panamá. So I post fótos of church activities quite often. I walk to the church from the Rectory several times a week; it's a healthy walk and takes about 30 minutes. Today I decided to take fótos so I may share what I see on my walk to church. I think I may drag this out for a couple of days.

1. La Rectoría
2. Looking down our street Los Pinos towards Vía España
3. The park across the street from the house Chompita's bathroom
4. Vía España
5. The Fonda where the bus drivers and taxi drivers have breakfast


MadPriest said...

Padre. Why does the vicarage look like the British army base in Basra? Serious question.

Padre Mickey said...

The neighborhood is safe, but people here have gates and bars on the windows and all to keep the thieves out. Some walls in our neighborhood have barbed wire! Even the church has bars on the windows. When we first arrived in Panama we lived in the former Canal Zone in a town named Paraíso. It is a lovely, quiet little place. Three weeks after we moved into the house, the bishop sent men over to put iron bars around the driveway and porch. He believed he was doing us a favor and making us safe.
I hope I have answered your question.

Caminante said...

Thanks so much for these photos -- they help so in imagining your environs (always helpful for me, being more visual).

MadPriest said...

Thanks Padre
Churches in Newcastle have to have bars on the window and perspex, some churches have the same all round protection as your vicarage.
The truth is that our problems come, not from thieves, but from lads who are into death metal music etc, who think its big to break into churches and desecrate them with death metal grafitti and obscenities.
I think I'd rather have the thieves - death metal is so uncool.

Paul said...

Are real peoples reading this? Or only spouses elder sibling and other fractured fathers? Us pagans love mr peanut!

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