Sunday, January 28, 2007

What I learned in Church today...

Today I arrived at church at my usual time only to find it still in session. It’s my custom to get there near the end of the first service so I can chat with people between services. The people from the first service are terrific. However, I personally enjoy the Spanish service.

The person speaking was Mr. Alan Lewis who was a member of St. Christopher’s a couple of years ago. Mr. Lewis has had a long time dream of rebuilding St. Christopher’s Church and it looks as if he’s still doing everything he can to fulfill his dream. He’s found Micheylin Millay (I’m sure I misspelled her name) from Haiti to help fund the project.

Mr. Lewis’s dream buildings includes a church, library, rest home, Episcopal University, and community center. His idea was well received from what I could tell. I talked to one woman who is behind him all the way. She’s been more than ready for a drastic change for our church for quite some time. I was told his next step is to go to the Bishop. I hope he doesn’t forget to talk this over with the rector.

The other thing I learned was the youth choir is ready to work on starting practices on time. The idea is to pay 25 cents if you’re late. Hmmm. I wonder if this will work. They want to choose their songs and start working on them. I’m ok with that. So I’ll be putting together a calendar for the dates they sing. This way we’ll be able to better prepare for the upcoming bilingual services.

Count down: Padre Mickey will be home in two days!


Padre Mickey said...

What's dat Alan Lewis doing there the ONE SUNDAY I'm not there ????
I better get home soon!

Padre Mickey said...

Yeah, come home. The church needs you. I need you. But have fun with the Mel and the trips first. Give my love to Colleen and the boys. Please let Colleen know Mrs. Kelley still asks about her.

Mona said...

Oops, I forgot to change that to my name. Sorry. To bad there's not a edit button.

Episcopalooza said...

We are often surprised to find church still in session when we get there too. They always save the front pew for us.

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