Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Walk To Church With Padre Mickey Part II

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We continue with our journey from Los Pinos to Calle Decima, Parque Lefevre. As you can see, I pass several churches on my way in. Fóto numero 5 is in front of an evangelical church whose leaders are from Brasil. They are always offering strange things for sale, such as holy oil to anoint your wallet and purse, blessed flowers which will help you find a job, and my favorite: El Jabon de Purificación. Now, I have long believed that the purpose of all soap is purification, but this must be really, really special!

1. Local Assemblies of God church
2. A small bus depot
3. Apartment buildings
4. A fruit and vegetable stand at a bus stop
5. Sign in front of an evangelical church

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Luiz Coelho said...

Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus


Beware, they'll steal even your teeth!

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