Monday, January 08, 2007

¡¡¡It's Hot!!!

It's Summer Time en Panamá, and it is really hot today. Actually, it's hot every day, but the Summer is much warmer than the rest of the year. Mona and I have acclimated, and think it's freezing if the temperature drops below 70º F, but that's no worry at this time of year. Dem piggies gots a good idea, 'specially with the raw food vegetarianism which runs rampant through this house (although I'm inclined to eats a piggy WIT de salads). I'd love to go to the beach, and if I had served as chaplain at Campamento Verano this year I would be at the beach, but I'm going to Berkeley in two weeks, so no camp for me. At least here, unlike the beaches in California, we don't have to worry about sharks. Time to find something cold to drink!


Caminante said...

A yes, Panamanian heat and humidity. I remember walking from Saint Luke's Cathedral to the Zone and back and feeling as though I had been hit over the head with a brick. At least in San Salvador, where I tend to spend most of my time (where I lived when I was down there on sabbatical), it doesn't get quite as beastly, though in March things do begin to crank up and even the locals begin to complain and wear towels around their neck.

Tara Mobley said...

You are going to be so chilly when you visit. It's been a warm winter for us up here, which means that the temperatures have been in the 60s, but it's due to get colder, which should be positively frigid to you.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

When I lived in Puerto Rico everyone gets "frio" when it drops to high 70's...sweaters come out, jackets zipped up...I never quite understood it because los coqui's seemed FROZEN but rarely complained about cold air conditioning...personally, I love frio...frio keeps me alert and loving.

Did you know? This is a did you know kinda's been cold up North of you...we've even had some rain today (underheard of after October because it's Summer...not HOT yet!).

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