Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

I'm back where it's warm like God wants it to be, and I am happy. However, I am exhausted from twelve hours of travel and will be taking it easy today. Here is a photo of Abuelo and the World's Cutest Granddaughter.
Hasta pronto.
I believe that's MadPriest's blog on the computer in the back


R said...

Welcome home, Padre! Great to see you at EW. Love to your family.

KJ said...

Padre, when I have my browser open to "Of Course, I Could Be Wrong", I always minimize the window when leaving the computer lest others discover the types of things I'm reading on line. Pictures of cute grandaughters, however, are completely "unminimizable".

Eileen said...

KJ's a closet blog reader???

Get OUT of the blog closet now! LOL

Agreed - cute granddaughters are way too hard to minimize. Not that I do that anyway - since I am not ashamed of my blog habits.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Welcome home Padre Mickey!

I See You!

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