Monday, January 01, 2007

Lay About Day

Yeah, I was up really late, what with all the fireworks in the neighborhood and all, plus Mona and I enjoyed a movie (Connie and Carla), so I'm taking it easy today. I'll post some fótos from la Misa last night; Mona took some great fótos of folks in their dancing clothes. Happy New Year to all.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

There is a white dog in your bed!

How is it you capture the spirit of these doggers so well?

My dogs are always busy doing other dog stuff and talking about me behind-my-back...conspiracy...instead of a alarm (for dog breakfast) in the morning Dulce Serena Gonzalez (adopted into the Gonzalez line) licks my closed eyeballs sockets...I find that both good and bad because it feels good but her clock goes off at the same time every morning including THIS MORNING! Timing is everything when one has their eyeball sockets licked!

I had guests, we had a huge lovely breakfast...they went back to Bigtown...I'm alone but never alone and happy as a yellow toothed fake rooster.


Padre Mickey said...

Hola Leonardo.
That isn't my dog or my bed; it's one of those notorious model dogs who take the food from the mouths of the poor working dogs of Central America of which Matty Boy complains about so often in these comments (Yow! Was that a run-on sentence or what?). If Señorita Chompita Wiggletail was caught lounging about on our bed, she would be in BIG TROUBLE!! At least she doesn't lick our eyesockets; she merely smacks her feet on the side of the bed and grins at you. She actually slept in this morning!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Well, isn't this we have the illusion of beloved Anglican/Episcopalian doggers instead of REAL Anglican/Episcopalian doggers! All of this is getting to be too mucho...I'm going to become a "Mormon-ay" where *they* are heavily white dogged and say so rambunckciously (sp?) upfront and screach it from inside those secret Temples of thars!

In a world filled with nonsense words from *certain* spiritual leaders about our animal like *differences* and *instincts*, just what is one to believe if even Padre Mickey deceives us with folish/fakedoggery photos in blue sheeted beds?

I ask you, my clear eyeball sockets ask you...just whom does "onest" trustest when the yellow toothed roosters are presented before us again and again and Red Mr. Peanut Bank aledgedly rooms freely throughout the rectory? Don't start me on the Iguanas and maybe Bats! Let's talk goats like they do at Padre Jakes where one can get "butted" about...personally, they better not try that Global South border butting *stuff* with me! I have all the jolting I can stand from those bullheaded rattones for a while!

Peace be with you!

Padre Mickey said...

Yow Dude, that was some stream-of-consciousness rant! Speaking of ratones, Mona and I were in the kitchen Saturday night (I was cooking, she, the Raw Food Vegetariana, was preparing a salad) when a raton made a run towards the stove! We both shrieked (yeah, I'm a sensitive guy). Señorita Chompita came to check things out, but was unable to do anything about Ronnie Raton. I hadn't used the oven since Thanksgiving, and, upon opening the oven door, was surprised to discover that Ronnie Raton had been using the oven as his suite. He also (okay, I'm being somewhat sexist by assuming that the mouse is male, but Ramona Raton doesn't work as well for me) has been storing Chompita's doggy-crunchies in the oven! We decided to put out traps, but only had some individually wrapped American Cheeze slices (yeah, things have really gone down hill since Berkeley!) to put on the traps. They really don't work as they are too light and our little rodent friends are able to reap the rewards of eating said cheese (if that's what you want to call it) without setting off the trap. We have decided to purchase a more dense cheese for the traps. This morning I was wandering through the kitchen and smelled something nasty. I thought that perhaps there was a gas leak, but realized that it was the smell of death. After a bit of seaching, found Señor Ronnie (o Ramona) had gone on to join the Mouse Choir Invisible. But we learned last year that where one mouse is, two or three may be gathered, so the traps stay out.
I hope that this isn't too much information for those of you with soft hearts.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh please, Gay people deal with rats from think you're little Ronnie Rat is anything new to us hardhearted wonderers?

Well, I just learned how to spell raton so I'm feel smug and so I'll share with you that yes, in fact, the decendents of YOUR rats have made their way up here to volcanoville...naturally, they don't sing as well as your sophistcated ratones (not having a choir and all in this little village) but I've learned how to take the "churp" out of their darting and willynilling scare tactics! The first four thousand or so are the hardest to deal with because they look so cute even after the terminator trap gets em...I threw the whole thing, trap and remains, away (after proper services of course) until my rattrap budget became higher that the flickering light bill.

Violetta screams and makes ME do it (I'm the jefe and shouldn't have to detrap a dead mouser don't ya think? I rule, I'm king!)...anyhow, I'm currently using "hot dogs"...little slices of death to begin with even before I convert them to "trap" trappings. It works...btw, one must pry openest thy eyes and look regularly for the earthly remains and guess what? If one is vigilant...they go away after a few ratonocideos...or at least they boycott for weeks because Raton Rights Watchers are everywhere and spill the frejoles and everyone runs for sobre.

Sometimes I flush whole bags of rat killing pellets down the toilets (never use them because of dogs in the house) and it seems that "slows" things down for raton border crossing...they use the subway often I'm told.

Or, you can just push them out of your mind until they start running around in your bedroom at night! You'll love that as they start taking over everywhere.

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