Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This Pablo fellow has my kinda perspective on the issues of the day!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Me too...I watched as President "Dim Son" pontificated in the Rose Garden (backed up my his choir of professional "agreers" listening with serious, yet frowny, faces to his "hypedness" the "the decider").

I can't believe this bad/dangerous joke of a spoiled guy...he truly is a fraud and I think he is "on" something other than his belief in the ALLMIGHTY...really, this crazy soul is ready to kill more innocents so he can prove to us "he's knows stuff!"

AND then...after "blasting out" his intentions he storms off and almost runs back into the WHITE HOUSE to avoid being asked ANY question that might require a sane answer!

Sickness I tell ya!

Very sick stuff and more is coming our way...thank goodness almost everyone in Latin America knows what this man is "about" we are almost safe from his illness here...only the "ricos" turn their head and pretend he ain't nutso (as they snicker at his stupidity) for "business" reasons!

Matty Boy said...

No one has yet gone with the obvious joke of "I have a surge... IN MY PANTS!"

Okay, now I have that out of the way and I feel better.

I See You!

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