Tuesday, January 16, 2007

¿¿¿How Do The Estadounidense Stand It???

I listened to the president of the United States on the News Hour this afternoon, and he was talking about how "this is the best way to success." My question is: "How would he know?" When has he really been successful at anything? He was a failure as a business person and ran several businesses into the ground, and he certainly isn't a success as president. He also said that leaving Iraq would be failure. Now THAT is a subject on which he is an expert!
He was really working the words "succeed" and "success." He reminds me of a Junior High School student working a new word into his vocabulary, using it at every opportunity. Worst President Ever.


Saint Pat said...


You speak truth, O Padre en Panama.

I'd call him a success at wreaking havoc, killing people and generally being a tool of the dark forces.

Leonardo Ricardo said...


No sense contradicting anyone around here!

I've found it spellbound/fascinated watching his "dark" character progress like "Metamorphisis" from really "creepy" to fully/overwhelmingly "disgusting" to plain stupid (along with his Secretary of State who was our National Security Advisor prior to 9/11).

Just how far are we willing to go before we toss the bum out?

One wonders what kind of fate could/will be in store for this vile slob who demoralizes/demonizes others during the course of his everyday manipulating and murdering of people and TRUTH.

Tara Mobley said...

I don't know how we stand it either.

Eileen said...

Bush is what my brother would call a "tool" - useless.

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