Monday, January 01, 2007

An Interview With Primada Katherine

Here is a very good interview with Presiding Bishop Katherine Jeffets-Schori from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, in which she, once again, proves that she is an intelligent, spiritual person and was the correct choice for Presiding Bishop of TEC. Every time I read an interview with her, I am convinced that the Holy Spirit was at work at her election.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I love her too...for all the same reasons/reasoning that you do Padre Mickey...I'll Dance to that tune!

I have a concern.

I believe the LGBT topic is as vitally important to humanity as any other "worthy" mission of our Church has ever been. Certainly right up there with our fight/civil war against slavery...anyhow, I realize that many Christians of "color" don't feel the LGBT "issue" is as morally justifiable as "their issue" of freedom...but, I ask you to think about how many of tens of millions of LGBT people throughout the world of every color and creed will be "healed" by a mission of love and inclusion in the daily lives of families (church and other) everywhere.

We're talking "big" here. A very big opportunity for everyone to start searching their own individual character and their own hearts without being driven by fear and hate...knocking the foundation of ignorance will result in greater trust in God and not less.

All this is my opinion but I think the biggest mission our CHURCH is engaged in *is* REGARDING human sexuality and providing bringing healing to EVERYONE comes directly after that...spiritual healing, physical healing...emotional healing...not one person should be left out.

susan s. said...

I hope that you will see this link. It is an article by a missionary in Sudan. She makes good points about what is going on up here in the North and why even though what ECUSA has done is not what the Episcopal Church in Sudan would have done, they do not agree with those who would leave. I didn't have anywhere to post it, but I hope Jake sees it too.

susan s. said...

Oh, and Happy New Year to you and Mona. I look forward to seeing you later this month!

Padre Mickey said...

Thanks, Susan, it's a great article. I think I'll link to it so others may read it.

Tia Sue said...

Thanks Padremickey! Is this the interview that was originally on NPR? I have been wanting to read it. I wish I had just a bit of her ability to answer questions so well and so fitting.

Eileen said...

No doubt about it. She's an impressive lady. Thanks for the link Padre!

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