Friday, February 02, 2007

Am I Lucky, Or What?

Mother Ruth from England, whose dead husband left her $10,600,000.00 that she wants to give my church since she's dying and has no children.

Born again Christian and Barrister George Udeh of Burkina Faso, who is undergoing treatment in London has a buncha cash for me, too, but he hasn't told me how much yet.

Then there's Joy Obasi, a recent Christian convert dying of breast cancer in India who wants me to have $12,000,000.00 her husband left her before he died (apparently there are many widows with cancer and big bucks in this world, and they all have my email address!).

Linda Johnson from Holland, who was married to a Nigerian who left her $3,000,000.00 is presently undergoing treatment for cancer in Havana, Cuba, and she, too, wants me to use this money for God's work.

I have also won £2,543,691.00 in the UK national lottery. And I've won at least three times in the past four weeks!

I swear, I must be the luckiest guy in the world!!!

And to think I was worried about scaring up the bucks to fix the roof of the parish!


Caminante said...

I dunno, you and I are gonna have to duke it out over Joy Obasi since she has promised me the same.

All of which is to remind me that I need to make good for real on my mite for your ruf.

KJ said...

Time to tune that spam filter up a notch.

Eileen said...

Hey...I thought I was gettin them monies...hmph.

Saint Pat said...

Nope, I'm sorry. They all promised that money to me, a long time ago, because I'm a "nice Christian lady," who would help them with all that excess cash.

Back off.

Saint Pat said...


I believe they called me "pious," too, and would certainly put their money to the best use.

Amen to that.

Matty Boy said...

Back when I actually was a boy, the phrase was "And if you believe that, there's a guy in Brooklyn with a bridge he wants to sell."

To make sure the young peoples understand, this should be changed to "there's a Nigerian investment opportunity you should look at."

Saint Pat said...

Go ahead, matty boy -- send them your back account information to help them make the "deposit."


Investment opportunities just abound on the Internet, don't they?

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