Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mrs. Adica Moore

Man, I get so excited and I also eat my dinner while postin' and I forget ta post da fótos de Mrs. Moore.
Here ya go. I brought her to the bishop, and then, after receive the award, she presented an elocutionary device, like she's does! As always, she was wonderful!!!
I've got to say that all week I never even thought about the nastiness of the Global South or the problems of the Global North. I was too busy. But it is also because I was very much focused on the Church here in Panamá and how we continue to do the work of the Lord, proclaiming the Good News of forgiveness of sins and the coming of the Reign of God and how God calls all of us to that change of mind and heart when we finally do what God wants of us and not what we want to do. There was so much wonderful news; the Preaching Station en Teca has become a Mission, the Medical Mission continues to work with the poor of Panamá; our Youth are enthusiastic and want to take their places in the Church, and the Church in Panama is going to grow. I was happy to read what Presiding Bishop Katherine had to say about the coming meeting of the Primates of the Anglican Communion, but I was unhappy to read that the Most Blessed Primates of the Global South are planning to continue to act like idiots, but right now I don't care because the Church here in the Global Center is alive and being moved by the Holy Spirit and we don't have a dog in that ridiculous fight!
For me, Mrs. Moore is a True Anglican, a person who loves the Lord and isn't worried about sexuality; She only wants to tell everyone of the Good News that God loves us and forgives us and wants relationship with us. Mrs. Moore and people like her are the true Anglicans and Defenders of the Faith.
Ya'll needs ta know that Mrs. Moore broke her hip last year and wouldn't let it stop her, so she was finally orderd by her doctor to lay low for several months. She's finally back on her feet but I have asked her to take it easy for a while so that she can get well. It was so wonderful to have her at church this morning.

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