Saturday, February 03, 2007

Last Saturday In Berkeley

Last week at this time I had just bid farewell to Padres Richard y Francisco and all the fine folks at C.D.S.P. and Epiphany West and was heading across the U.C. Berkeley Campus on my way to Rasputin’s on Telegraph and a late lunch with Tara, Chris and the adorable Evie, as well as with Matty Boy, John McCurry and Stephenie Cooper, friends from my San José days. I was freezing to death and hoped a brisk walk might do the trick. Stephenie lent me a parka, which she claimed was a woman's parka but simply looked warm to me. As we crossed Sproul Plaza we saw two groups of dancers practicing. The first group, closest to Sather's Gate, were doing some kinda Big Band dancing thang, while the second group were doing some kinda modern-group thang (I think it's quite obvious that I don't know a thing about dance, much to the chagrin of the Lovely Mona). Here's some photos of all the spinning and leaping about that was going on.

I purchased many wonderful DVDs at Rasputins with Stephenie and then we headed over to Viceroy where we met the others for a great Indian Buffet lunch. Ms. Baby Fats was very well-behaved and perched on her daddy's lap during most of the meal. We have a photo of her reaction to abuelo's explanation of why he took the last samosa (you can tell she's totally buying it), and a lovely shot of her all bundled up and in the stroller, ready to go home.

I had a great time, but I am so happy to be back where it's 88º F!! My toes were numb in Berkeley and everyone was saying "What a beautiful day!"


Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre! I see a girl in the dance group wearing short sleeves, and you were in a parka!

Evie is adorable, and, poor baby, she does seem to be buying her grandpa's BS.

You can't dance and you call your blog a dance party? Why didn't the lovely Mona put a stop to that as false advertizing?

Padre Mickey said...

Mira abuela, I lives in the tropics, and anything below 70ºF is freezing to me.
I plays in the band so I don't have to dance! Lot's of musicians can't dance but we likes to play at dance partys.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Everybody is adorable...I even have a little, very small, emotional connection with Mr. Red Peanut Bank (he's probably exactly my age a marriage made in heaven)...especially now that I know he can be trusted with the keys...sepia adds confianza.

It's so good to have you home Padre, thanks the on-the-scene shots.


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