Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wait, What Day Is It?

Well even though it's really Cyril and Methodius day, some other folks are into the Hallmark Valentine's Day ting. So, loveyloveylovey to everyone, chocolates y flores y heheheh.

So, it's Wednesday, which means we had our Holy Eucharist and Healing service this morning out on the patio. Since we were on the patio, Vacation Bible School had to move across the street to the Bishop Clarence W. Hayes Gymnatorium. Here are some photos of the Vacation Bible School.
1. Big Kids
2. Intermedio Kids
3. Cute Lil' Kids

I taught the Cooking Class this afternoon, with my award-winning Authentic Indian Curry. I also taught everyone how to cook Basmati rice. I'm not use to working with that many people in the kitchen, in fact, the Lovely Mona and I can't really work together in the kitchen because I am a territorial jerk and want every surface for whatever I am cooking. I am able to cook with Walter Smith, probably because we know when to stop and have some rum. But I had about fifteen people in the kitchen today and lived to tell the tale! Here are photos of the class cutting vegetables and stuff under my careful watch; well, I wasn't watching THAT carefully, since I was taking snaps. They loved the curry and rice, and then commenced to make a zuchinni pie.

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, it's good that you're learning a little flexibility. I don't like to work with anyone else in the kitchen, either, but sometimes we must.

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