Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Even MORE Additions to the Blog Roll

I have been quietly adding new links to the Blogroll, and, of course, they are all blogs worth reading every day.
First up, Political Spaghetti is THE blog to read to keep current on the nasty business of that terrible law the Archbishop of Nigeria is supporting.
Opinionated Old Fart is back and handing out the opinions of an elder with gas.
Aghaveagh, whose name I can't even pronounce, has a lovely blog, The Moon By Night.

My friend Eric Jackson is one of us. I don't mean that he is an Episcopalian, but that he is one who cares about the truth and speaks the Truth to Power. He is presently experiencing problems due to a hacker who attacked The Panama News site and expanded the bandwidth being used, creating problems with his carrier.

Next, with all the nastiness going on, many of us are feeling a bit bewildered and, well, let's face it, depressed. Visit Whitney Music Box for some amusement.

As always, Padre says, "Check it out!"

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