Monday, February 05, 2007

New Paint Job at the Hogar

Photos by the Lovely Mona. Click for larger, more detailed view

Today is Monday, Mona's day to tutor at Tía Sue’s Hogar. A few weeks ago students from Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal, the school started at our parish some 45 years ago, painted the hogar as part of their Servicio Social. Students are required to perform social service in order to graduate.

Some of the girls are at camp, and the older girls will participate in the Diocesan Youth Convention this week. But no one likes to do school work during Summer Vacation!

1. New Sign
2. New Paint Job
3. Fancy wall stuff
4. I think those are the new books Mona was talking about
5. Girls studying
6. Not more homework!
7. We'd rather be at the beach

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Lovely Mona said...

The two girls in picture 4 with the books are Kenia and Enibeth. Kenia was so excited to see the books she said, “Quiero esto, esto, esto, esto...¡Quiero todo!” She and Enibeth grabbed them all and took them to Kenia's desk to go through.

The girls in picture 5 are Mari Isabel and her sister Sinilda and Rosa Mari. Mari Isabel and Sinilda can’t read or write. They have no skills with using a pencil. So I was teaching them how to make circles to prepare them for writing. Rosa Mari knows all my handwriting exercises and was helping out.

Picture 6 is Dona and Enibeth. They are drawing pictures from the books I brought. The girls copy pictures beautifully.

Picture 7 is of Sinilda and Mari Isabel. The background shows more of the new paint job done a couple of weeks ago.

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