Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Convención Juvenil 2007

Photos by the Grumpy Padre. Click on photo for larger, detailed version

I've just returned from the opening of the Convention of the Youth of the Diocese of Panamá, and I have fótos. Last year the Youth complained that the clergy of the diocese did not attend their convention and they felt slighted. This year the majority of the clergy showed up, but I'll bet the youth are sorry since several of my colleagues lectured them on Parliamentary Procedure and other stuff. That'll teach 'em! The meeting is being held at Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asís in Cerro Viento, a church started by the Rev. Dr. John Kater, Jr., when he was here in Panamá. I'm posting these photos to give a feel of our diocese.

1. Iglesia San Francisco
2. The Chancel
3. The calm before the storm 1
4. The calm before the storm 2
5. Banner
6. Registration
7. DMC (the band)
8. Singing!
9. More singing!
10. Bishop Julio Murray
11. Delegates from San Cristóbal and San Francisco de Asís listening to the reading of the minutes

Tonight is the "Service of Revival and Healing" which really stretches Padre's ability to plan a liturgy as it is pretty much a free-form improvisation. I'll have fótos of that, too, later this evening.

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