Sunday, February 18, 2007

Carnaval Options

Photos by the Lovely and Talented Mona

One has several options during Carnaval: Join the others in the street in semi-nude, drunken abandon (working on something to be penitent about during Lent), or hide in one's home, or attend Edifying and Uplifting Sunday Afternoon Programs. We went with the latter option this afternoon. We attended a Concert in Honor of Mr. Stafford Edwards, put on by St. Simon's Church at the Bishop Clarence Hayes Gymnatorium at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal. Stafford was a member of both St. Simon's and St. Christopher's and he was an amazing Male Soprano. He sang with the choir at St. Christopher's and he also sang with the All Male Extravaganza (yeah, I know, the name means something totally different where you live. Behave yourself!!). He died late last year, so we wanted to honor his memory with music. I was the Master of Ceremonies. The program started on time and ended on time, a new experience for so many of us here in Panamá! Mrs. Elizabeth Leigh and Mrs. Constance Blackman performed several pieces, accompanied by Mr. William Hutchenson. Mrs. Nora Johnson, accompanied by Mr. Reynaldo Taylor also performed. St. Christopher's Parish Choir sang, as did the Pan American Chorale (also accompanied by Mr. William Hutcheson). Elder Marcelino Marshall (my good friend), of Berean's Seventh-Day Adventist Church-Parque Lefevre, sang, as did the All Male Extravaganza, a choir of men from local Methodist, Episcopal, and National Baptists churches (I have been known to perform with them and they are all friends). The Reverend Nelson Edwards, priest of St. Simon's gave the invocation and the benediction. All in all a very pleasant afternoon!!
Cast In Order Of Appearance:
1. Padre Mickey (wearing gray again; no, I'm not a Canon, Leonardo!)
2. Mrs. Elizabeth Leigh and Mrs. Constance Blackman with Mr. William Hutchenson
3 Mrs. Nora Johnson with Mr. Reynaldo Taylor
4. Choir of St. Christopher's Parish
5. The Pan American Chorale
6. Elder Marcelino Marshall
7. The All Male Extravaganza
8. Revdo. Nelson Edwards

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Caminante said...

Canons wear grey? That's a new one. I did splurge and get myself a purple cincture but that's as far as I have gone with the canóniga business. BTW, over on the Inclusive Church, did you spot Martín in the photos of the primates at communion? He's the one standing up in his stall whereas everyone else is seated. It's a photo of the choir receiving communion.

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