Monday, February 12, 2007

A Great Start To The Week

What an interesting start to the day! I am really beat, just worn out from a week of Convention, and really need to rest, but Vacation Bible School started today and I need to be there with the kids. The Youth of the parish put on the Vacation Bible School every year, and I play guitar and help with their worship. I was also scheduled to teach our cooking class today, so I got up early and went to the church. When I arrived I was informed that we have no power, as someone came yesterday (the one day the church was closed since we were all at the Cathedral for the final service of the Convention) and stole the power cables. They tore them off of the building and even out of the ground! So we have no power at all, and we are going through all the crazy bureaucracy which makes life in Central America so very entertaining. We cancelled cooking class, which is good for me since I need the rest.

Here are some photos of the first day of Vacation Bible School. The first day is always chaotic and attendance is sparse, but it will pick up every day this week.

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Holy Vaca, no GUARDIAN? You're lucky you still have your chairs and toilets!

Desperation is part of the reality of living in the Central America I see's so illuminating to realize just how desperate, desperate can be (and how that is acted out sometimes by thieving a pair of socks of a clothesline or seeing the shoes stolen off of someone dead in the street)...I've never known such unhappy and "need" before my life in Latin America helped expose REALITY to me.

There is much that can be done to "help a little" and be of service to others in "hands on" and effective ways...but, I know you know that already dear Padre.

I'm sorry you're having a hard time without power but still having toilets is a very good thing!

Best to all,

I See You!

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