Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Diocesan Center @ Global Center

Photos by the Grumpy Padre. Click on photo for larger, detailed version

Well, the 87th Diocesan Convention of the Episcopal Church of Panamá began today with our Clericus, which, miraculously, ended by 1:30 pm! A First!!! Good discussions, nothing terribly exciting. Hung around while Mona was in the Companion Diocese Committee meeting and took some photos of the Diocesan complex. I'm hoping these photos will make John Kater homesick.

1. La Oficina
2. Casa Blanca (Formerly the Dean's Residence. Mona and I lived here for a few weeks when we first arrived in Panamá, oh so many years ago).
3. Bishop Herber Gooden Center (looks like a UFO!)
4. Catedral San Lucas. Dr. Gorgas' (the guy who helped eradicate malaria and yellow fever from Panamá) private chapel was originally on this site.
5. All Saints Chapel (below Catedral San Lucas)
6. Painting the interior of Saint Luke's
7. Willie the Guard Dog

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Grandmère Mimi said...

The cathedral is lovely, Padre. How old is it?

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